A journey to timeless furniture:

1. Upload your designs
We'll work with you in the order definition to make sure that we connect you to your perfect match.
2. Get a quotation
Our large product database ensures that you get a fast quotation.
3. Monitor production
Each order is monitored throrugh a project management software, where you'll receive periodic updates.
4. Delivery
FOB or any other shipping terms. We'll assist you in the logistics.

All your manufacturing needs, in one place:

From concept to reality. Collaborate with artisans to craft custom furniture prototypes.
Controlled supply chain for retailers and designers.
Hotel/restaurant/villa supply projects.

Supply chain security through a broad network of suppliers.
All admin handled by us.

Competitive pricing
On-time production
Production scaling
Flexible invoicing and payment terms
Project management

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4 August 2023
Rattan: Nature’s Timeless Beauty
A remarkable material that weaves together elegance, sustainability, and cultural heritage. In this article, we explore the captivating story of rattan, with a special focus on Indonesian rattan—a true gem of nature's versatile artistry. At 40FT CRAFT, we celebrate the allure of rattan furniture, embracing its enduring charm and eco-friendly appeal.