A reliable network of suppliers

Indonesia’s furniture manufacturing industry is a powerhouse, producing some of the highest quality and most affordable furniture in the world. Behind this success are thousands of small and medium manufacturers scattered across the massive Indonesian archipelago.

While the current manufacturing network has enabled Indonesia to achieve such prominence in the global furniture trade, it also presents challenges for international buyers. Sourcing furniture directly from Indonesian suppliers can be complex, requiring strong local knowledge, expertise navigating supply chains, and coordinating multiple manufacturers.

This is where sourcing and consulting agents like 40FT Craft operating as an “abstract layer” above the manufacturing network add significant value. 40FT Craft acts as an intermediary, helping international buyers access Indonesia’s furniture production capacities efficiently and cost-effectively.

A major advantage 40FT Craft provides is the ability to split large orders into smaller portions and assign them to different manufacturers based on their specialties. No single supplier is capable of producing an entire order for a commercial project or fulfilling an e-commerce store’s inventory needs.

By parceling out different product types or components to the most suitable suppliers, 40FT Craft ensures the highest quality at the lowest cost. They then coordinate the various manufacturers, making sure designs, specifications and timelines are followed uniformly. This level of coordination and control would be nearly impossible for overseas buyers to achieve dealing directly with multiple suppliers.

Access to a network of suppliers with excellent track-record

By consolidating orders and representing an international client, we often receive preferred pricing from manufacturers beyond what an individual overseas buyer could negotiate. The aggregate demand signal also helps suppliers plan production schedules more efficiently.

Selecting the right manufacturers and maintaining strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process are other key services that 40FT Craft provides. We conduct regular inspections and work closely with suppliers to resolve any issues that arise, something difficult for international clients without a physical presence.

In sum, 40FT Craft intermediates Indonesia’s fragmented furniture manufacturing networks to deliver higher value through specialized supply chain management, optimized order allocation, consolidated negotiation power, quality assurance mechanisms and responsive in-market support. For overseas buyers seeking high-quality custom and mass-produced Indonesian furniture, 40FT Craft effectively “smooths out the rough edges” of dealing directly with the country’s complex manufacturing ecosystem. Our role as an abstract layer of coordination and problem-solving enables international clients to access Indonesia’s excellent production capacities in a sophisticated yet simplified manner.