Traditional craftmanship.
Today's management tools.

As the industry evolves, so too must the tools we use to manage our business operations. At 40FT Craft, we have streamlined our workflow by harnessing the power of online project management tools, significantly enhancing our order management.

Streamlining Complex Orders

Orders can often get complex, involving dozens of articles with different specifications. Each piece of furniture might be sourced from a different supplier, each with their own lead times, quality specifications, and pricing. Keeping track of these orders manually can be a daunting task, but this is where online project management tools steps in.

Notion allows us to organize vast amounts of information in a structured and easy-to-navigate format. Each order can be segmented into different articles, with individual pages for each supplier. This level of organization provides a clear overview of the order at a glance and allows for efficient management of each article within the order.

Reducing misunderstanding

Miscommunication and misunderstandings can be costly in our industry, especially in terms of time. Notion helps us to mitigate these issues by providing a centralized platform for all communication and information. Each order, article, and supplier has its own dedicated space, where all relevant information can be stored and easily accessed.

This structure ensures that all team members have access to the same information, reducing the chance of misunderstandings.

Enhanced order monitoring

Effective order monitoring is crucial for keeping projects on track. Notion’s powerful features allow us to monitor our orders more accurately. We can set and track deadlines, create checklists, and assign tasks to specific team members.

One of Notion’s standout features is the ability to upload photos and videos directly to the platform. This is particularly useful in our industry, where visual quality checks are crucial. Photos and videos of the furniture can be uploaded to the relevant order or article page. This provides a visual record that can be referred to throughout the project, enhancing monitoring accuracy and facilitating better quality control.

Staying ahead with modern tools

In a competitive market, having the right tools can give a company the edge. At 40FT Craft, we believe that the use of modern project management tools like Notion is part of what’s needed to succeed. These tools not only streamline our workflow but also enhance communication and order tracking, critical aspects that directly impact the satisfaction of our clients.

Modern project management tools like Notion are not just a ‘nice-to-have’—they are a necessity for successful order management in today’s complex and fast-paced furniture sourcing industry. At 40FT Craft, we’ve embraced these tools, and through them, we are continuing to enhance our service offering and stay ahead in the market.